The extreme flexibility of the restructuring tools offered by the set of rules, force us to strive to identify tailor-made restructuring plans or agreed arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Even through extraordinary corporate operations.

When we follow a company that considers the use of a debt restructuring instrument, we know our task is delicate. Very delicate.

Our primary effort is to understand the depth of the crisis, assessing and understanding the risks involved, presenting the opportunities offered by the organization, and suggesting specially made solutions.

Especially when we see companies in debt, we use our several decades of experience and our ability to innovate in order to propose viable solutions to the creditors, to minimize the sacrifice and help the company to re-launch in the market.

But when it comes to financial institutions, we want to ensure not only the greatest possible satisfaction, but also the new financial recovery requested and supplied, and above all the tranquility to limit the risks, both in credit recovery and in financial assistance.

While in bankruptcy proceedings cases, especially when it comes to extraordinary administration, we provide a team of professionals with proven experience of legislation and also practice, and efficient and quick answers and solutions.

Business contracts


We assist you in the definition of any type of business contract: from the most complicated cases that exceed your normal business operation, such as outsourcing contracts, to ordinary ones such as reviewing contracts already signed, drafting and revising general purchase conditions or sales of goods and services, the drafting of tenders and the procedures for the assignment of supply and procurement contracts.

We used to have direct contacts with both general counsel of major companies and with the operating structures responsible for managing the contractual relationships: purchasing office, commercial direction, site management, and so on.

Nowadays, it happens more often to face issues like the abuse of economic dependence, compliance with the consumer code and with the discipline of sub-contracting or the tax aspects of intra-group transactions, the risk assessment in case of counterparty’s procedure and contractual remedies. For each of these questions, we have an innovative answer.

We know how to move beyond our national borders, thanks to our Best Friends and our worldwide network of offices to help you in drafting and negotiating of contracts covered by foreign jurisdiction.



The office represents a valid support for the entrepreneurial realities rooted in the country and abroad, accompanying them in the delicate phases of the extraordinary operations of transformations, mergers, divisions, active contributions, stock exchanges, sale and lease of company’s branches, taking care of each aspect of corporate law.

The business customers are accompanied in carrying out these operations, with full awareness of the implications of tax regulation, tax legislation, justice, administrative and antitrust regulations, following the European law and transaction law.

The corporate structure and operating rules of a company are the prerequisite and the foundation for its way of operation. This is why it is important to address to the most important names in Italy, able to give the best answers on delicate issues such as corporate governance, organization of corporate structures, restructuring and extraordinary finance operations.



The office works in the field of business acquisitions, both in performing and in crisis.

During these operations special attention is paid to the need to maintain the goodwill values and to allow the full exploitation of acquired assets in the perspective of the development of the acquiring company. The legal sensitivity of its professionals, coupled with mastery of the law of economics, has allowed the Study to successfully complete complicated extraordinary operations, focusing its assistance also on corporate finance issues and corporate governance.

The Office also lends legal assistance to third parties interested in investing in companies in a state of crisis, failed. The acquisitions by companies in crisis or bankruptcy proceedings, allow operations on favorable economic conditions and a rapid reacquisition of market positions.

The Office is constantly assisting corporate companies in the delicate acquisition of individual assets as well as corporate compendiums in the context of competition procedures, benefiting from the extraordinary experience gained by their professionals, which allows to evaluate the level of criticality of the single operation in advance, and thus, to provide the most appropriate legal solution for the specific case, minimizing risks.

Particular experience has been gained by the Office assisting interested parties in detecting companies, property and estate listings, bankruptcy claims through bankruptcy settlement transactions.

Management and recovery of credits in outsourcing


The Office has acquired special qualification in the field of bank credit management and recovery, offering the possibility of comprehensive and integrated management by types and categories of credit in case of relying on outsourcing management by banks and big companies.

Real Estate


The Legal Office assists private and institutional investors operating in the Italian and foreign real estate market, especially at every stage of the acquisition, management, disposal and valuation of properties.

Civil Law – Controversy


Since its foundation in 1997, the Office has established itself on national territory for its solid expertise in civil and commercial matters.

The experience gained by the professionals of the office allows to offer to the clients complete and accurate assistance even in the most complex disputes, before both the ordinary and the special judiciary, for the protection of civil, commercial and corporate property rights and relating to other areas of law where the study provides assistance.

The office provides to the client the most appropriate legal instruments for the protection of their rights, assessing, following a fair balance between costs and benefits, whether to pursue the procedural solution or opt for any out-of-court selection.